Welcome to home of the online family calendar.

Create an online calendar with entries for all of your family members. The benefits of an online calendar include:

  • quick and easy access to a diary for up to 8 people

  • accessible from any computer in the world

  • secure access (only your family can view the entries)

  • keep your work diary (Outlook or Lotus Notes) synchronised - sends iCal invitations to any compatible organiser

  • create recurring events (such as regular sports practice every Saturday) for up to 1 year in the future

  • create a single event with more than one family member (such as dinner for Mum & Dad at friends)

  • create anniversaries associated with a family member (such as your friend's birthday)

  • shows Bank Holidays and other dates (such as Bonfire Night)

When you are ready click here to create your online calendar.

Example calendar
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